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  • Sporting Category : Fitness Accessories
  • Type : Weight Lifting Belt
  • Brand : alternative
  • Type: Belt
  • Function: weight lifting athletic facility belt, defend waist once exercise
  • Sport: muscle building, Gymnastic, CrossFit, exertion etc.
  • Fit: muscle building, CrossFit, muscle building etc.

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SKU TS-WLB-14005

    Leather Weight lifting Belt: Fitness Accessories

    Type: Weight Lifting Belt
    Brand: different
    Type: Belt
    Function: weight lifting athletic facility belt, shield waist once exercise
    Sport: anaerobic exercise, Gymnastic, CrossFit, exercising, etc.
    Fit: anaerobic exercise, CrossFit, exercise, weight lifting etc.
    Color: Black

    Material Of Leather Weight lifting Belt: Pu animal skin

    Size: M fits the majority


    • High quality Pu animal skin, rather more sturdy
    • Furthermore, Cushion at the rear, soft and comfy
    • Also Wide support on the rear, safe and applied science

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    Package include:1 * weight lifting athletic facility belt