When you’re riding your motorcycle, your motorcycle riding gloves are more than protection for your hands. They are a part of your signature style. Motorcycle riding gloves serve many purposes including keeping your hands in good condition while you ride to your heart’s content. Gloves help you maintain your grip on the handlebars, keep your hands warm, and protect your hands from damage if you crash.

However, one of the top ways motorcycle riders or horse riders choose riding gloves is by their look and style. Many riders choose gloves to match their leathers, but some riders prefer gloves that stand out. Telli Sports has a wide selection that will suit the style of almost any rider.

Besides choosing a color, riding gloves need to be made of a material that is comfortable and breathable. Leather is often the material of choice, but there are now many synthetic glove materials that imitate leather that work just as well. For summer rides, you may find that a cooler material works better.

Beyond the color and material, riding gloves come in full-finger versions and half-finger versions. Better-made gloves have more details such as buttons, zippers, miniature pockets, and embroidery. The highest-quality leather gloves are the softest and most pliable leather and feel like a second skin. It all comes down to what feels and looks the best to you and what fits into your budget.

When searching for the perfect motorcycle riding gloves for yourself or a gift, you can filter your choices by color, material, and price. Make sure that you know the correct size and comparison shop for measurements between brands. For the best fit, take a pair of gloves that you love and measure them, and then compare them to the motorcycle gloves that you are considering. This will ensure a perfect fit.

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